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Revolutionizing care delivery via personalized, predictive insights

Stellation’s analytics platform provides personalized, predictive insights on provider performance based on a comprehensive dataset including 20+ years of Medicaid and Medicare claims data.

Doctor and Patient

Better clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness through combining
research-backed analytics and patient-centered delivery

Stellation’s research-backed platform accurately measures provider performance specific to member characteristics, leveraging a comprehensive dataset including the full CMS Medicaid and Medicare claims dataset from 2000-2023 as well as SDoH data. Stellation takes a more personalized and fair approach to doctor quality measurement that assesses a provider’s ability to drive outcomes for each patient segment.

In addition to its provider performance dashboard, Stellation also offers a matching product. This can be delivered via provider directories, member services tools, or EHRs to meet patients and providers where they make provider choices today. The matching product matches patients to the optimal providers for their specific health needs, taking into account health outcomes, cost, cultural competency, and access. Through the provider performance dashboard and matching product, Stellation supports PCP auto-assignment or recommendations, specialist referrals, and network design.

How it works

Step 1: Craft a network specific to member health needs

May, 65, is a retired accountant who just moved to California to be closer to her kids. She has Type 2 diabetes and has also previously had a heart attack.


May picks a C-SNP Medicare Advantage plan focused on patients with diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. This health plan has already worked with Stellation to optimize their network with providers who are high performing for patients with diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

Step 2: Recommend members a list of personalized primary care providers

Since May recently moved, she hasn’t yet chosen a PCP.  After she enrolls in her health plan, Stellation provides a list of recommended, nearby PCPs who have provided high quality, culturally competent care to patients like May. For May, there’s no more scrolling through doctor reviews and wondering how relevant they are to her care. Her health plan can also achieve their quality targets and ensure that May is with a provider who will help her avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Step 3: Refer patients to a high-value specialist for their needs

Several months later, May gets diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and needs to see a surgical oncologist. May’s PCP works with a care manager to help patients with specialty referrals. Using Stellation, the care manager pulls up a list of surgical oncologists with excellent outcomes for breast surgery. May, her family, and her PCP can rest easy knowing that May is in the best hands for her care. 

Elevate Your Care Networks

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