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More predictive, patient-specific data for your network

Stellation’s provider strengths data supports building new networks, optimizing your existing network, or matching members with providers without changing your network. More predictive, patient-specific data on providers drives lower total cost of care, higher quality, and better member experience.

"In over 30 years of working with health plans and VBC providers to improve care outcomes and reduce costs, I have not seen as large a step forward in supportive analytics as the Stellation Care algorithms. The ability to match which providers can deliver better outcomes and lower costs for a specific patient type is a key lever that can be applied to network design, utilization management, and provider engagement – resulting in double digit costs savings with minimal implementation time and costs."

VP, Network Management

National Payer

Solutions for Medicare plans

Design the optimal network

Stellation highlights the providers whose clinical strengths most align with your member population, taking the guesswork out of network design. We do this by analyzing the composition of your population, whether for a C-SNP, D-SNP, or other plan.

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Refer members to high quality, cost-effective specialists

Choosing a specialist can be scary, especially on top of a new diagnosis. Stellation can provide specialist recommendations to match the member with specialists who will provide the best care for their health profile.

Help providers successfully shift to value-based contracts

Providing more transparency to providers and enabling them to succeed in value-based care arrangements is a win-win for everyone. Stellation’s provider performance insights allow you to identify providers ready for value-based care and support providers you contract with, helping them to improve patient outcomes. 

Elevate Your Network Performance

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