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Optimize your network for your patient population

Stellation Care enables Medicare plans to tailor their network to their members, whether by guiding members to the best providers for their health needs or via network design. 

PCP Recommendations

Selecting a PCP can feel overwhelming–members have access to very little information that can tell them whether a PCP will lead to better health for them. Stellation can provide a shortlist of personalized PCP recommendations to members on-demand, at any point in the member journey: at enrollment or beyond. 


Specialist Recommendations

Choosing a specialist can be scary, especially on top of a new diagnosis. Following a Health Risk Assessment, Stellation can also provide specialist recommendations to match the member with specialists who will provide the best care for their health profile. 


Specialty Network Design

Stellation highlights the providers whose clinical strengths most align with your member population, taking the guesswork out of network design. We do this by analyzing the composition of your population, whether for an HMO, C-SNP, or other plan. 

Provider Performance Insights

Providing more transparency to providers and enabling them to succeed in value-based care arrangements is a win-win for everyone. Stellation’s provider performance insights allows you to support providers you contract with, helping them to improve patient outcomes.  

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Ready to see how much you can improve health outcomes and cost savings?

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