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Find the right doctor for your individual health needs

Our analytics tell you which providers are best at managing which patients, enabling healthcare organizations to personalize care.

Personalized providers, personalized care

Stellation Care has created personalized measures of doctor performance, highlighting each provider's strengths. This enables improved experience, health outcomes, and savings for patients and payers.

How it works for patients

Step 1: Tell us about your health needs

Tell us about your unique health needs and preferences through our website or chat with a Stellation Concierge team member. This allows us to provide recommendations that are personalized to you.

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Step 2: Pick from a personalized list of doctors

You’ll receive a list of doctors that are ranked by the quality of care they have provided to patients like you. No more scrolling through doctor reviews and wondering how relevant they are to your care.


Step 3: Meet with your new provider

Get the care you deserve with a provider whose strengths are uniquely suited to your health needs. Some plans may offer payment to cover out of pocket expenses if you visit a Stellation Care recommended provider.

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Why Stellation Care? 


Cost Savings

from patient-PCP matching


Hospitalization Reduction

from patient-PCP matching

Reduces Health Disparities

Supported By

Doctor and Patient

Let's work together! 

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