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Empower each Medicaid member to see the right primary care provider

Building a trusted relationship with a PCP whose strengths are aligned with the member’s health needs can hugely impact a patient’s health outcomes, costs, and experience. Stellation provides Medicaid plans and programs with the analytics to enable members to see physicians who best fit their needs. Empowering Medicaid members with this information also reduces health disparities, offering vulnerable groups the care they need.

PCP Auto Assignment

Most PCP auto-assignment today is based on geography and availability alone. Stellation can enhance or replace your existing PCP auto-assignment algorithm, supporting members in seeing providers who are the best fit for their needs. 

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PCP Recommendations

Selecting a PCP can feel overwhelming–members have access to very little information that can tell them whether a PCP will lead to better health for them. Stellation can provide a shortlist of personalized PCP recommendations to members on-demand, making it easier for members to take ownership of PCP selection. 


Specialist Recommendations

Choosing a specialist can be scary, especially on top of a new diagnosis. Medicaid members may not have the time to exhaustively search online or the network to ask about the best doctor by word-of-mouth. Stellation can also provide specialist recommendations to match the member with specialists who will provide the best care for their health profile. 


Ready to see how much you can improve health outcomes and cost savings?

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